• Music

    Gustav Klimt, Die Musik, 1895, oil on canvas © De Agostini Picture Library/The Bridgeman Art Library

  • Ballerinas

    Edgar Degas, Quatre danseuses sur scène, c.1885-1890, pastel © Museu de Arte, Sao Paulo, Brazil/Giraudon/The Bridgeman Art Library

  • Birch forest

    Gustav Klimt, Birkenwald, 1903, oil on canvas © De Agostini Picture Library/E.Lessing/The Bridgeman Art Library

  • The Muse

    Mikhail Vrubel, The Muse, 1896, oil on canvas © Private Collection/RIA Novosti/The Bridgeman Art Library

  • Eastern Tale

    Mikhail Vrubel, Eastern Tale, 1886, oil on canvas © Tretyakov Gallery/The Bridgeman Art Library

The Concept

At Antares Art Advisory we take inspiration from the Russian State Hermitage Collection that is unique in terms of rigour, timeless selection of artworks and commitment to preservation of their cultural heritage. We believe that building your collection or buying your very first piece of art is as equally exciting and unique an experience as our search for the works of art in which we deal. We are thus committed to providing a bespoke service to our clients and involve them at every stage of the selection and acquisition process. Importantly, we believe in an independent approach based on expert advice and knowledge of the art market. We work with carefully selected galleries, museums, art foundations and private collectors worldwide to provide distinguished and discreet advice on your next acquisition.